Alumni Spotlight

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Anirudh  Shenoy was a Graduate Analyst for NCGrowth in Fall 2016. During his time with NCGrowth, Anirudh worked with P&A Industrial Fabrications, a manufacturer producing premium woven fabrics, on a range of projects to improve plant efficiency.

Upon completion of his master’s degree in Industrial Engineering, Anirudh started a STEM based learning company called Elementory, aimed at bridging the gap between innovation and problem solving. Anirudh described his work as follows:

The most recurring issue faced by educators is to make STEM concepts more relatable to kids. Elementory provides tools to educators to bring STEM problem-solving experiences in schools. Our open-source tool kit consists of modular hardware, intuitive block programming, and a challenge-based learning content – all built to encourage tinkering and foster creativity among kids. These problem-solving experiences are designed to be the bridge between school curriculum and the real world. We are currently running a pilot program for 100 kids aged 11-14 years and plan to expand to 10,000 kids next year. Elementory’s mission is to catalyze the problem-solving mindset in kids from a young age, enabling them to design solutions to societal challenges when they are older.

NCGrowth couldn’t be more proud of the work Anirudh is doing to foster positive educational experiences.

Anirudh Shenoy

Anirudh Shenoy (center) was a Graduate Analyst for NCGrowth in Fall 2016