NCGrowth Works with Elect Builders to Expand

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NCGrowth has been working with Elect Builders in Greenville, NC for the fall and will continue the project into early spring. Elect Builders is a company focused on home renovations, new builds, and commercial buildings. They are a general contractor, pricing projects and the necessary work, and leveraging specific contractors to complete the job at hand. Elect Builders focuses on the Greenville, and the surrounding Eastern Coast of North Carolina, providing knowledgeable builds or rebuilds at clients’ requests or subsequent to natural disasters.

Historically, Elect Builders has done the majority of their work on home renovations, but wanted to get more experience in total home building and commercial contracting. Johnkevia and Natrina Tyson, owners of Elect Builders, engaged NCGrowth to evaluate this opportunity. The project seeks to answer the question: where is the market, what is the market’s size and growth, how can Elect connect to this market, and what is the financial impact.

The project sought to address these issues in the orders presented to assist Elect Builders in their top line growth. To this end, NCGrowth conducted several iterations of market research to understand the best addressable market, quantify the growth of these markets, and how to reach these markets. NCGrowth is also creating an income statement to forecast top line growth and expense growth. The project resulted in actionable next steps for the company to continue its growth.

Jay O’Neal is an NCGrowth Analyst and an MBA candidate at UNC’s Kenan-Flagler Business School.