NCGrowth Releases Report on Affordable Housing Challenges in NC’s Tribal Communities

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NCGrowth partnered with the NC Commission of Indian Affairs to conduct research on affordable housing challenges facing North Carolina’s tribal communities. The North Carolina Commission of Indian Affairs addresses the concerns of North Carolina’s American Indian Tribes, and currently one of the largest concerns is housing. This issue is two-fold; housing stocks are declining, and affordability of remaining units is decreasing.

The issue of affordable housing affects many, but the disparate impacts it has upon American Indians receives scant attention. For North Carolina, which has the fifth largest American Indian population in the United States and the largest East of the Mississippi River (U.S. Census Bureau, 2018), it is imperative that American Indian issues are considered and contextualized during discussions of housing policy.

This report begins to contextualize and address the numerous burdens associated with housing inaccessibility in tribal communities, and evaluates potential policy solutions. Demographic and economic data, relevant policies and programs, and interviews with tribal leaders and housing experts were all analyzed to understand current conditions and evaluate policy federal and state policy impacts and options. Ultimately, advocacy must continue to shed light on the challenges faced by native communities and fully fund solutions to promote affordable housing and thereby improved outcomes for American Indians.

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